David R. Stokes (56) is a Wall Street Journal   bestselling author, ordained minister, commentator,   broadcaster, and columnist.

  His articles and columns regularly appear at places   such as The Daily Caller, Townhall.com, and   American Thinker.  His work has also been   published in The Intelligencer: Journal of U.S.   Intelligence Studies, The Jewish Press, The Cold   War Times, The Richard Nixon Foundation,   History News Network, as well as various   publications and periodicals related to Christian   ministry.

Though his writings and commentary are clearly from a distinctive conservative position, even those who don’t agree with David enjoy his work.  Fox News contributor, Bob Beckel, says: “Here’s a preacher who can range from ancient history, to political history, to current events with ease.”And Rick Shenkman, journalist, producer, and NY Times best-selling author observes: “Agree or disagree with him.  But you’ll never walk away from an encounter with David Stokes without feeling the better for it.  His erudite writings and civil tongue are a model the rest of us should hope to emulate.”

His new book (and first novel), CAMELOT’S COUSIN—a Cold War espionage thriller, will be released in October of 2012.

His previous book, THE SHOOTING SALVATIONIST: J. Frank Norris and the Murder Trial that Captivated America (Steerforth Press/Random House, July 2011), is a narrative non-fiction, true crime thriller set in the 1920s. BOOKLIST, in a starred review, says: “The book is engagingly written, in an immediate, you-are-there style, and the story is as compelling and surprising as any Grisham thriller. Top of the line.”

A minister for more than 34 years, Reverend Stokes has, since 1998, served as Senior Pastor of Fair Oaks Church in Fairfax, VA, a non-denominational congregation of 2,200—with more than 30 nations represented in its membership. Prior to this, he led churches in New York, Illinois, and Texas. He grew up in the Detroit, Michigan area.

He has had his own national XM satellite radio talk show and is a regular guest-host for talk shows in across the country.  David has also produced and hosted podcasts for The Cold War Museum and Richard Nixon Foundation.

Nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas says: “Dave Stokes says different things in different ways that sets him apart from many talk show hosts.  Unpredictable, profound, and with spiritual depth, he’s worth listening to.”

David has been married to his wife Karen for more than 36 years and they have three daughters and seven grandchildren.  They live in Fairfax, Virginia.

His personal website is www.davidrstokes.com. On twitter he is @DavidRStokes.
















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